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DJ Shadow Melts Minds at the Madrid Theatre

July 25, 2017

DJ Shadow at the Madrid Theatre, 7/10/17

DJ Shadow, the legendary California-based DJ and producer, recently smashed Kansas City with a two-hour set at the Madrid Theatre. The show was a career-spanning journey. The visuals were trippy and the mixing was top level. It was one of the best gigs of the year. Shadow is the best at what he does. Check out the glory of DJ Shadow in the mix in KC:

De La Soul “Buddy” Live at CrossroadsKC at Grinders During Middle of the Map Fest 2017

May 11, 2017

Hip hop legends De La Soul recently lit up CrossroadsKC at Grinders for a set at Middle of the Map Fest 2017. Check out this live version of the classic “Buddy.”

X105.1 #StreetBeast Ep. 2 // Tenderloin Grill’s Snoot Sandwich

February 16, 2017

Here’s the second episode of #StreetBeast for X1051. Shawn Quinn (Quinn’s Morning Fix) and Paul Chandler (Xposure) chowed down on the infamous pig snoot sandwich at Tenderloin Grill.

Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type “Wait For It” Live at the Tank Room

January 24, 2017

Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type at the Tank Room, 1/21/17

Past interview subjects Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type recently brought their indie rock vibes to the Tank Room. They are one of my favorite local bands. Check out the new song “Wait For It.”

A Visit to Art Alley.

September 17, 2016

I recently visited Art Alley in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City, Missouri. The alley showcases quality street art.

Check out a video tour of Art Alley:



McClain Approved: Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type “White Girls.”

August 31, 2016

Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type Live at RecordBar 7/29/16

Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type is a Kansas City-based indie rock band. Songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Rachel Mallin’s lyrics are smart and biting. The band recently released their new EP Degenerate Matters. Live and on record, they bring the energy.

Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type’s “White Girls” is my favorite song of the year so far. The track is getting radio play from Kansas City to Sweden. Lyrically, Mallin brings the snark and lays the smackdown on stereotypical white girls, “There’s a special place in hell for girls like you/Go out on the weekends/Prey upon weak men that haven’t got a girl to come home to.” This heat is counterbalanced by an upbeat, indie surf rock vibe. It’s the kind of song Best Coast would love to write. It’s always great when sharp lyrics and an energetic groove combine to form a quality song. “White Girls” is one of the year’s best.


Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type Performs “White Girls” Live at The Tank Room 7/12/16.

July 27, 2016

Here’s a recent video I shot of Kansas City-based indie rock band Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type performing “White Girls.”

A Complete Vision of Silence: Notes From My First Experience with Sensory Deprivation Floating.

July 1, 2016

Floating KC (Image via

A few months ago, I had a dream about floating in a sensory deprivation tank. I told myself if I saw any indicators to do it that I had give it a shot. I felt a really strong pull to attempt floating. The morning after my dream, I opened up Facebook and the first post I read was from a friend of mine that tried a sensory deprivation tank in my neighborhood. Here are some notes about my experience with sensory deprivation at Floating KC.
The session begins with a 15 minute chair massage. The float lasts for an hour.
You are in 10 inches of water with 1,200 pounds of Epsom salts, when you first enter the tank, there are lights and soft music. However, the sounds fade to silence and total darkness. The water is 93 degrees, the same temperature as your skin.
The experience felt like the complete vision of silence. My mind kept repeating that is was the complete vision of silence.
Feeling weightless, any mental weight/stress seems to slip away.
You really meld with the water. Things just seem to blend together. It’s hard to tell where your body ends and the water begins.
Everything seems slow, but the concept of time doesn’t matter.
Floating feels like you’re in zero gravity.

I could really hear my breathing.
The feelings of bliss and euphoria were very joyful. Seriously chill vibes.
It felt like the best, deepest meditation ever.
Floating felt like a really good massage, but for your brain as well.
I moved around the tank. I would push off and my mind told me it would take 1,000 years to get to the other side of the tank.
I stretched lengthwise. My mind told me I was 1,000 feet long.
I saw little flashes of light. They were these quick, golden, flickers of light. “These are excitement bolts,” my mind stated.
My mind thought about how my eyelids were heavy. I visualized a sack of cartoon style eyeballs.
Near the end of the session, a realization come to me. Whatever happens in life, I have to be peaceful about it. No matter what happens, I have to greet it with peace.
The lights came back on, the music started playing and it jolted me back to reality.
Floating in a sensory deprivation tank was an extremely chill experience. Everyone might have different experiences, but I would recommend it.

An Interview with Singer-Songwriter Kate Cosentino.

May 20, 2016

Kate Cosentino (Image via

Kate Cosentino is a Kansas City-based singer-songwriter. Her latest release is the Smart EP. Kate recently discussed her creative process. favorite songwriters and lyrical inspiration.

Did you come from a musical family? We’re your parents musical?
My immediate family isn’t very musical as in they don’t sing or play any instruments, however they really enjoy music in terms of daily listening and going to concerts. I have a couple of aunts who sing ,but other than that I am the musical “ugly duckling.”

How old were you when you wrote your first song?
I was probably in the 2nd or 3rd grade when I wrote my first song, so around 8 years old. Pretty sure it had to do with dancing and butterflies.

Who are some of your favorite songwriters and why?
Regina Spektor is probably my all time favorite songwriter because she is completely unafraid. She writes about the weirdest things and uses strange vocal techniques and instruments and totally owns it.

Sufjan Stevens. He writes very specific strange lyrics that transport you into the stories he’s singing about and it somehow feels very relatable. It’s unique and relatable all it once, which is really impressive to me.

TuNe-YaRds. Meryl of tune yards writes political and social messages into her songs in an amazing and creative way. She also uses a looper to come up with cool arrangements and harmonies, which I’ve been messing with lately too because of her.

What is your creative process when writing songs? Do you start with lyrics or melody first?
It all depends on the song. I typically have either one line or a subject matter the whole song stems from. Then I play guitar and sing around until I land on something that fits.

What inspires you lyrically?
Stories and puns inspire me lyrically. Any clever phrases or ideas make me immediately turn to pen and paper. However, hearing moving stories from others or my own life inspire me as well. Also, nerdy things like Batman and the periodic table because I can easily nerd out to music.


Kate Cosentino (Image via

How often do you find yourself writing songs?
I try to play music every day. I usually goof around with song ideas all the time, but I probably sit down to write a song around once a month. I gather a bunch of ideas constantly though.

What was the first song written for the Smart EP?
The first song I wrote for the EP was “London.” I also made it the first track because it sounds like the beginning of an adventure to me.

What inspired “Moving More?”
My school was having a diversity assembly and they asked me to perform a song about diversity. I decided to write “Moving More” because of that opportunity, but I didn’t want to write the standard “love each other, we are one” song. So I focused on the diversity of people’s problems.

Do you have a favorite quote or motto that you live by?
I live by the idea of making the world a better place everyday by affecting other people’s lives in a positive way. I also live by the idea that if it’s what you love, it’s what you should pursue.


Saturday at Middle of the Map Fest 2016.

May 19, 2016

Crowd at CrossroadsKC for Manchester Orchestra during Middle of the Map 2016

Middle of the Map Fest 2016 wrapped up with a diverse mix of artists from indie rock to rap. Here’s my rundown of Saturday at Middle of the Map:

Past interview subjects Pink Royal got the day rolling at CrossroadsKC with some potent, groovy indie jams.


Pink Royal at Middle of the Map Fest 2016

Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Light Music brought their trippy electronica-tinged indie jams to CrossroadsKC. The past interview subjects played one of the strongest sets of the fest.


Light Music at Middle of the Map Fest 2016

Past interview subjects Bassh showcased their indie pop jams. The Nashville-based band delivered a tight set. Their single “Body” was a big highlight.


Bassh at Middle of the Map Fest 2016

Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires delivered an extremely passionate and soulful set at The Midland. I was fortunate to meet the Screaming Eagle of Soul before his set. He is a class act and an inspiration.


Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires at Middle of the Map Fest 2016

Manchester Orchestra smashed the CrossroadsKC crowd with their epic style of indie rock. The Atlanta-based band’s songs sounded even bigger live.


Manchester Orchestra at Middle of the Map Fest 2016

St. Louis-based rap group Illphonics delivered a hard-hitting set of hip hop late night at The Tank Room. The set closed out my coverage of Middle of the Map.


Illphonics at Middle of the Map Fest 2016

The quality and diversity represented in the artists playing Middle of the Map helped to make it a wonderful experience. Over the course of the 20 sets I witnessed in three days, I saw no bad sets. The emphasis on local artists really showcased the strength of the Kansas City music scene. It will be fascinating to see what the future holds for Middle of the Map Fest.

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