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Pretty Lights at the Midland.

August 30, 2012

Pretty Lights at the Midland.

Here are my photos from Pretty Lights’ Kansas City, Missouri show at the Midland Theater (August 23rd).

Phish Photos (Starlight August 22, 2012)

August 30, 2012

Phish Photos (Starlight August 22, 2012)

Here are my photos from Phish’s Kansas City, Missouri show at Starlight. It was their first KC-area show since 2003 and my first Phish show. 

Funk Is…

August 30, 2012

One time, I wrote a poem about what NOLA funk means to me.

Funk is…
Funk is heat
Funk is groove
Funk is the jam
Funk is the sweat on the back of your neck
Funk is the birds chirping outside Tipitina’s
Funk is expression
Funk is taking the first streetcar home

Funk is passion
Funk is contagious
Funk is dancing until you can hardly walk
Funk is not awake until the sun goes down
Funk is soul freeing
Funk is unity
Funk is still going strong at 7am
Funk is the search
Funk is going to find you
Funk is a packed Maple Leaf at 5am on a Monday
Funk is clubs as dark as black holes
Funk is not for sale
Funk is New Orleans

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