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WOOOOOO!: The Inspiring Energy of Ric Flair

April 30, 2017

McClain and Ric Flair at Planet Comicon, 4/28/17

It was such an honor to meet wrestling legend Ric Flair at Planet Comicon. I covered Planet Comicon for X1051. I was like, “Ric, I respect you so much because you really know how to bring the energy to the people.” I did a low key “Wooo!” Ric said, “Yeah! You have to bring it!” Then he unleashed a full-strength “WOOOOO!!!” in my face. Fantastic.

Flair’s amped up vibes are timeless and on a totally different level. It comes across as a natural extension of himself. In briefly meeting Ric, I learned that the Woooos are his life force. It’s a self-fulfilling energy cycle. Flair gets people fired up. He Woooos. They Woooo. It gets Ric lit up. The positive feelings create even more energy. It’s a strangely inspiring feeling. It’s important to be reminded to bring the intensity in life. Get hyped up, kick some ass and take some names everyday. Find the Woooooo within you!


January 1, 2017

For me, this year has been all about community. It is such a great honor to be surrounded by people that are so passionate and creative about what they do. Apathy is for squares. Times can be trying, but try and live a joyous life. Thanks for keeping me fired up people! Woooo! Beast it y’all!

Interview: Comedian Chloe Pelletier

November 16, 2016

My interview with Kansas City-based comedian Chloe Pelletier. She discusses a favorite joke, the impact of Huntington’s disease and her decision to not let fear control her life.

The Noble Land Manatee.

April 25, 2016

There have been a bunch of volleyball players invading downtown Kansas City. These kids are so toned. I feel like a noble land manatee, blobbing around downtown.

This volleyball player had a team shirt that read on the back, “We eat the weak.” It seems a bit overkill. I didn’t know most volleyball players are cannibals. Kids these days! “Please don’t eat me. I’m high in fat content. I am but a noble land manatee.

Be Funkier Today!

April 23, 2016

Just a friendly reminder that funk isn’t just a genre of music, it is a lifestyle decision. Funk can be the way you carry yourself through life. Being square is for, well, squares. Dig within and tap into the trippy joy within you. Every day, it can be helpful to ask yourself, “What can I do to be funkier today?” Listen to that internal voice and let it guide you to a different view of yourself.

“Wayne Coyne is in our yoga class. He is kind of distracting. He does yoga shirtless, wears yoga tights and has big hair. He’s very expressive.”

April 2, 2016

The Flaming Lips at the 2009 Voodoo Music Experience (Photo credit: Ellen Maloney)

I heard a good Wayne Coyne story today. If you go to a lot of indie rock shows over the years, you probably end up with a Wayne Coyne story. The Flaming Lips are trippy indie rock legends. They have always created music with a weird and wonderful vision. Their live shows often explode into glorious expressions of joy.

I met Wayne briefly, in New Orleans, at the 2009 Voodoo Music Experience. He was wearing his signature suit and chilling out before heading onstage. A friend of mine’s father had recently passed and he happened to have been a big Flaming Lips fan. It was nice to be able to chat with Wayne. I told him that his music brings joy to so many people, myself included, and that my friend’s dad was a big fan.


Wayne Coyne, of the Flaming Lips, at the 2009 Voodoo Music Experience (Photo credit: Ellen Maloney)

I met a woman today from Oklahoma City. The Flaming Lips are based out of OKC. Like many people, she had a quality Wayne story, “Wayne Coyne is in our yoga class. He is kind of distracting. He does yoga shirtless, wears yoga tights and has big hair. He’s very expressive.” That will realign your chakras!

It is wonderful to be able to tell a musician that their music has a positive impact on you. If you like someone’s music and you get a chance to talk to them, speak from the heart and tel them why you enjoy it. It was interesting to hear a story about one of music’s weirdest and best artists. Wayne Coyne fearlessly freaking out his yoga class probably keeps the world in balance. People that bring their strange and honest creative visions to the world help to tip the scales away from the bland zone. Be yourself and remember to keep it weird!

“I am convinced that different people awaken different beasts within you.”

March 24, 2016


It’s important to draw inspiration from the people around you. I often meet people who are so great at their careers and passions. There are many different people in my life that help keep me inspired and focused. For example, I have a funk shaman that keeps me motivated to dive deeper in the funk and spread the glory of funk to the people. When you see someone doing something well, ask yourself, “What can I learn from their ability and success? Is there any way I can apply some of those qualities to my career and life?” Being jealous or envious can be counterproductive to your creative spirit. Knowing people that are so driven is inspiring.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to meet a few of my local journalism idols over the past few months. One of them told me, “Just keep writing.” It’s a simple concept, but he has a great point. The 10,000 hour rule has often been debated, but it is a solid idea. The rule was popularized by author Malcolm Gladwell. It basically states that if you practice your skill for 10,000 hours, around 10 years, you will have mastered your craft. If you keep working at something you are passionate about, you are bound to improve. You have to keep working on your craft and pushing ahead.

Look at the beasting of the people that inspire you and it can help awaken a whole new level of beasting inside yourself. Learn from people who are passionate about what they do and it can light a creative fire within you.

Don’t Be Sheepish.

March 4, 2016


Don’t be baaaashful today, don’t be sheepish, just be the beast!!

Don’t Be Like McClain.

January 25, 2016


Stagnation is for Squares.

January 19, 2016

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.” -Bill Moyers.

Whenever you feel stuck, ask yourself, “Are there any ways I can be creative today?” Tapping into your creative zone can help chill you out, improve your focus and increase productivity. That energy can also help you beast it through a stressful day.

I truly believe that everyone has the power to be creative. Looking within your skill set can help you unleash the joy within yourself. Stagnation is for squares. Finding the passion in life is all about upward momentum. No matter what is going on in your life, you have to keep pushing forward. Even just making the effort to be more creative can light the fire within yourself. It can open your world to new possibilities. You are not going to look back on your day and say, “I’m so upset that I was creative today.” Use the power of creativity to uplift your soul, pierce through the mundane and find something marvelous.

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