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IVØRY BLACK “Midas Touch” and “Ready, Get Set” Live at the Tank Room

February 21, 2017

IVORY BLACK at the Tank Room, 2/18/17

Past interview subject IVØRY BLACK recently crushed the Tank Room. It was the debut of the band’s duo setup with looping pedals. I covered the show for X1051. Check out these soulful live performances of “Midas Touch” and “Ready, Get Set.”

The Georgia Flood “Whistle King” Live at the Riot Room

February 16, 2017

The Georgia Flood at the Riot Room, 2/15/17

Up-and-coming band the Georgia Flood recently hit the Riot Room. I covered the show for X1051. Check out this live version of their hit single “Whistle King.”

X105.1 #StreetBeast Ep. 2 // Tenderloin Grill’s Snoot Sandwich

February 16, 2017

Here’s the second episode of #StreetBeast for X1051. Shawn Quinn (Quinn’s Morning Fix) and Paul Chandler (Xposure) chowed down on the infamous pig snoot sandwich at Tenderloin Grill.

Dylan Guthrie and the Good Time Guys “Dreaming of Love” at the Do816 Launch Party at Lifted Spirits

January 31, 2017

Dylan Guthrie and the Good Time Guys at Lifted Spirits, 1/27/17

Dylan Guthrie and the Good Time Guys recently played their first Kansas City show. They smashed a set at the Do816 launch party at Lifted Spirits. I covered the show for X1051. The Lawrence-based band dazzled with their interplay and quality songwriting. Check out this live video of “Dreaming of Love.”

The Lumineers “Ho Hey” and “Dead Sea” Live From the Sprint Center

January 26, 2017

The Lumineers at the Sprint Center, 1/24/17

The Lumineers recently played a rousing set to over 10,000 people at the Sprint Center. I covered the show for X1051X1051 and was fortunate to be able to meet the band. They were kind and chill. It was a brief meeting, but I managed to tell them that I love both albums and that they beast it live. Happy clappy indie folk vibes can be hard to translate to big arenas, but the band pulled it off beautifully.

It’s interesting when a band with only two albums so far can pack out one of the biggest venues in Kansas City on a Tuesday. Getting a crowd that large speaks to their popularity. The set sounded fantastic and the crowd was engaged all night.

The mini acoustic set in the middle of the arena was a highlight. It was also impressive that the band played “Ho Hey” as the third song in the set. The song placement was a gutsy move. “Ho Hey” is a massive hit and it was surprising to hear it so early. When you go to shows, bands often save their biggest songs for the end of the show. When a band plays a big song early, it shows that they have more songs to offer and are not screwing around. It was a joyous night of music. The passion in the Lumineers’ music comes out even more live.

Here’s the classic “Ho Hey.”

Check out “Dead Sea.”


McClain Johnson, Matt Malone and the Lumineers at the Sprint Center, 1/24/17

X105.1 #StreetBeast Ep. 1 // Thou Mayest

January 24, 2017

My first segment for X1051 recently debuted. I hit up hip local coffee shop Thou Mayest to give away some Mastodon/Eagles of Death Metal tickets. Check out the mayhem of #StreetBeast!

Royal Teeth “Kids Conspire” “Mais La” and “Wild” Live at the RecordBar

January 23, 2017

Royal Teeth at the Tank Room, 1/21/17

Past interview subjects Royal Teeth recently lit up the Tank Room with two hours of indie-pop jams. It was the last night of the tour for the New Orleans-based band. They threw down with one of the best sets I’ve seen in a long time. I covered the show for X1051. There are a lot of happy-clappy indie rock bands out there these days, but Royal Teeth bring the heat live. The interplay was tight and the vocals were perfect. The energy and passion in Royal Teeth’s music and live performances is inspiring.

Check out the live version of the new single “Kids Conspire.”

Here’s the classic “Mais La.”

The epic, joyful song “Wild” always gets crowds fired up.

Much love to Royal Teeth for an epic night. Keep on bringing your glorious music to the world and beasting it hardcore!


Royal Teeth’s Nora Patterson

Interview: Walker Lukens

December 2, 2016

Walker Lukens at the Riot Room, 11/30/16

Walker Lukens recently hit KC for a show presented by X1051 at the Riot Room. I sat down with Walker to discuss how he became interested in music, his approach to songwriting and the creation of “Lifted.”


McClain and Walker Lukens

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