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Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type “Wait For It” Live at the Tank Room

January 24, 2017

Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type at the Tank Room, 1/21/17

Past interview subjects Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type recently brought their indie rock vibes to the Tank Room. They are one of my favorite local bands. Check out the new song “Wait For It.”

Royal Teeth “Kids Conspire” “Mais La” and “Wild” Live at the RecordBar

January 23, 2017

Royal Teeth at the Tank Room, 1/21/17

Past interview subjects Royal Teeth recently lit up the Tank Room with two hours of indie-pop jams. It was the last night of the tour for the New Orleans-based band. They threw down with one of the best sets I’ve seen in a long time. I covered the show for X1051. There are a lot of happy-clappy indie rock bands out there these days, but Royal Teeth bring the heat live. The interplay was tight and the vocals were perfect. The energy and passion in Royal Teeth’s music and live performances is inspiring.

Check out the live version of the new single “Kids Conspire.”

Here’s the classic “Mais La.”

The epic, joyful song “Wild” always gets crowds fired up.

Much love to Royal Teeth for an epic night. Keep on bringing your glorious music to the world and beasting it hardcore!


Royal Teeth’s Nora Patterson

McClain Approved: MisterWives “Best I Can Do.”

March 3, 2016

MisterWives (image via

McClain Approved is a column where I give you the rundown on an artist you need to know and share a track from them.

As it starts to ease into spring and summer, I get in the mood for some happy-clappy indie pop. MisterWives put out some of the best high energy happy-clappy tunes out today. They are also a past interview subject of mine.

The New York City-based band is gaining a lot of popularity on the strength of their songs and excellent live shows. They bring the heat live. KC folks: MisterWives will be with Walk the Moon at Crossroads KC August 17th. Vocalist Mandy Lee is one of the best singers in music today. She can sing her ass off. Their debut album, Our Own House, was one of my favorite releases of last year.

I love the touches of horns on album track “The Best I Can Do.” Songs like this can give you the energy to outrun all the bath salt smoking zombies downtown. Amazing vocals and a sugar rush of a song. MisterWives make quality tunes for getting out there and beasting it hardcore

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