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#StreetBeast Blog // Weekend Preview

August 4, 2017

KC folks, it’s going to be a crazy weekend. Luckily, the #StreetBeast has you covered with a weekend preview for X1051.

X105.1 #StreetBeast Ep. 5 // National Wrasslin’ League @ Planet Comicon

May 3, 2017

I recently covered Planet Comicon 2017 for X1051. I am a big wrestling fan, so you know the #StreetBeast had to mix it up with NWL KC.

X105.1 #StreetBeast Ep. 4 // Mastodon w/ Eagles of Death Metal (AKA Street Beast Goes Metal)

May 1, 2017

The new episode of #StreetBeast recently debuted on X1051. I interviewed fans of Mastodon and Eagles of Death Metal at the Uptown Theater.


X105.1 #StreetBeast Ep. 3 // Dropkick Murphys

March 6, 2017

Here’s episode 3 of #StreetBeast for X105.1:

“This is what happens when #StreetBeast McClain Johnson takes on Uptown Theater before Dropkick Murphys.”

X105.1 #StreetBeast Ep. 2 // Tenderloin Grill’s Snoot Sandwich

February 16, 2017

Here’s the second episode of #StreetBeast for X1051. Shawn Quinn (Quinn’s Morning Fix) and Paul Chandler (Xposure) chowed down on the infamous pig snoot sandwich at Tenderloin Grill.

X105.1 #StreetBeast Ep. 1 // Thou Mayest

January 24, 2017

My first segment for X1051 recently debuted. I hit up hip local coffee shop Thou Mayest to give away some Mastodon/Eagles of Death Metal tickets. Check out the mayhem of #StreetBeast!

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