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Warpaint “New Song” Live at the Midland

December 22, 2016

Warpaint at the Midland, 12/17/16

Warpaint recently brought their psychedelic indie rock vibes to the Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland. The LA-based band are past interview subjects of mine and are one of my favorite bands. The band’s latest album, Heads Up, is one of 2016’s best. The album has gotten the band commercial radio play and reach a larger audience. Watch Warpant groove on “New Song.”

Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type “Wait For It” Live at the RecordBar

December 12, 2016

Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type live at the RecordBar, 12/10/16

Kansas City-based band Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type recently rocked their set at the Noise FM‘s Noise For Toys benefit for Toys for Tots at the RecordBar. Check out this live version I shot of new track “Wait For It.”


Yes You Are “World Without End” Live at KC Riverfest.

July 5, 2016




Yes You Are at KC Riverfest 2016

Here’s a clip of up-and-coming Kansas City-based indie rock band Yes You Are performing “World Without End” live at KC Riverfest on 7/4/16:


Something Fishy Going On: The Mainstream Emergance of the Hip Future Mermaid.

December 12, 2015


There is an important trend in indie rock/hip culture that needs to be discussed: The emergence of the trippy mermaid from the future. There’s something fishy going on.

It’s like some of these entry level hip chicks go out and buy their mermaid witch starter pack. Boom! You’re a mermaid now. It’s like people are saying, “Please pay attention to me! I’m relevant!”

How does one find a hip future mermaid? This can be a challenge, especially if you live in a landlocked urban hellscape. Cast a net outside of any Urban Outfitters and you might be blessed enough to catch a glimpse of one, shimmering by the ironic ice cube trays. At a local, artisan belt buckle shop, you’ll look into her glistening eyes, “Are you from the future? Your scales are so luscious. Can we grab a chai tea?” Some folks these days look like a discount version of Grimes. Once you notice the mainstreaming of mermaids, you’ll see it all the time.

American Eagle Outfitters Celebrates The Budweiser Made In America Music Festival - Philadelphia, PA - Day 2

Grimes. (Photo credit: Stereogum)

Granted, the visual impact can be stunning. The mermaids can really hook you in, but it means nothing without substance. I feel like the Internet helps to cheapen ideas that start off as something unique and original. It’s like making a photocopy of a copy, the quality goes down.

If you’re an organic, handcrafted mermaid, nothing fishy there. If something is real, it should be a natural extension of yourself. You don’t need to join in with the corporate indie mermaid culture, just be true to who you are.

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