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The Shins “Australia” Live at the Midland

June 4, 2017

The Shins at the Midland, 6/1/17

The Shins recently crushed the Midland with a set of their indie rock classics and quality new tunes. The show was one of the best I’ve seen this year. Check out this rocking live version of “Australia.”

Kitten “Fall on Me” Live at the Midland

May 1, 2017

KITTEN at the Midland, 4/28/17

Kitten recently rocked a set at the Midland. They always bring the energy live. The band’s set was a part of Afentra’s Prom, put on by 96.5 The Buzz. Check out this live version of “Fall on Me.”

The Floozies and Jason Hann (The String Cheese Incident/EOTO) Jam at the Midland

December 29, 2016

The Floozies and Jason Hann at the Midland, 12/23/16

Lawrence-based duo the Floozies recently smashed the Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland with a set of future electronic funk. Near the end of the show, the past interview subjects were joined by special guest percussionist Jason Hann (The String Cheese Incident/EOTO) for some blazing jams. Check out this video of some of the action.

Warpaint “New Song” Live at the Midland

December 22, 2016

Warpaint at the Midland, 12/17/16

Warpaint recently brought their psychedelic indie rock vibes to the Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland. The LA-based band are past interview subjects of mine and are one of my favorite bands. The band’s latest album, Heads Up, is one of 2016’s best. The album has gotten the band commercial radio play and reach a larger audience. Watch Warpant groove on “New Song.”

Marian Hill “One Time” Live at the Midland

December 21, 2016

Marian Hill live at the Midland, 12/15/16

Marian Hill showcased their jazz-laced indie grooves in their recent set at the Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland. Check out this soulful version of their hit song “One Time” that I recorded live on 12/15/16.

Local Natives “Airplanes” “Wide Eyes” and “Fountain of Youth” Live at the Midland

December 21, 2016

Local Natives at the Midland, 12/17/16

California-based indie band Local Natives recently smashed the Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland with their final set of 2016. Their album, Sunlit Youth, is my favorite album of 2016. Check out these live videos I shot of “Airplanes,” “Wide Eyes” and one of my favorite songs of the year “Fountain of Youth.”

Bishop Briggs “River” Live at the Midland

November 16, 2016

Bishop Briggs at the Midland, 10/14/16

Bishop Briggs released one of the biggest songs of 2016 with “River.” Live, Bishop really brings the energy and her vocals are passionate. Check out this soulful version of “River” I shot during her recent set at the Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland.

Big Gigantic Bring the Saxy Dance Party to the Midland.

April 5, 2016

Big Gigantic at the Midland, 4/2/16

Big Gigantic brought their live electronica jams to the Midland April 2nd. The Colorado-based drums and sax duo represent a fresh take on dance music. Big Gigantic’s sound is a mixture of dubstep, house, hip-hop and jazz. Their instrumentation and sound is a nice change of pace from the standard DJ playing beats. The songs flowed effortlessly and the mix of bass drops and breezy sax lines got the crowd moving.


Big Gigantic at the Midland, 4/2/16

A lot of the set was focused on remixes and covers. Their remix of Major Lazer’s “Wave” was a highlight. It was a quality evening of party music. With their mix of sax and hard driving beats, Big Gigantic kept the crowd fired up and hype all night.


Big Gigantic at the Midland, 4/2/16

An Uncomfortable Question for White Hip Hop Fans.

January 14, 2016

A$AP Ferg (Image via

A local music journalist talked to me after A$AP Ferg’s opening set for G-Easy in Kansas City Tuesday night. “You went to school in New Orleans, I’m sure you have an opinion on this, ” he began. “The crowd here is 99 percent white. This might be an uncomfortable question, but how does it make you feel to hear 3,000 white kids shouting back the n-word to a black rapper when it’s in his lyrics?” “Not good,” I responded meekly.

Ferg’s set hit the crowd hard and the trap beats had them going wild. The sold out audience on this night was mostly young white kids, between the ages of 13 and 19.  The nasty, excellent track “Shabba” completely smashed 3,000 people at the Midland. They loved every raunchy second and rapped along with each line.


A$AP Ferg Crowd, at the Midland, 1/12/16

I hope the kids learn someday. As a fan, you have to make the conscious choice. The question might be rough, but the answer is simple. Even in the sometimes trashy world of hip hop, as a fan and audience member, it is all about respect.

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