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Real Estate “Serve the Song” and “Talking Backwards” Live at RecordBar

April 11, 2017

Real Estate at RecordBar, 4/10/17

Real Estate recently made their Kansas City debut with a sold out show at RecordBar. I covered the show for X1051. They are one of my favorite bands ever and they always put on a passionate live show. Excellent new songs, from this year’s In Mind, fit in perfectly with classic tunes throughout the band’s 75-minute set. Check out these live versions of new song “Serve the Song” and the legendary “Talking Backwards.”

Mess “Fool’s Gold” Live at RecordBar

April 9, 2017

Mess at RecordBar, 4/7/17

Kansas City-based band Mess recently crushed RecordBar with a hard-hitting, dynamic set. They are one of my favorite local bands. I covered the show for X1051. Check out this live performance of new song “Fool’s Gold.”

Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type “White Girls” Live at RecordBar

April 6, 2017

Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type at RecordBar, 3/31/17

Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type recently beasted a set at RecordBar. I covered the show for X1051. Check out this rocking version of my favorite song of last year, “White Girls.”

The Babe Rainbow Grooves at RecordBar

March 23, 2017

The Babe Rainbow at RecordBar, 3/13/17

Australian-based band the Babe Rainbow brought their groovy vibes to the RecordBar. It’s always nice to see bands that put a fresh spin on retro sounds. Check out this live performance.

Allah-Las “Could Be You” Live at RecordBar

March 23, 2017

Allah-Las at RecordBar, 3/13/17

The Allah-Las recently graced RecordBar with their trippy garage rock vibes. Check out this live version of “Could Be You.”

The Orwells “Fry” and “Let It Burn” Live at RecordBar

March 22, 2017

The Orwells at RecordBar, 3/20/17

The Orwells recently smashed RecordBar with their hard-hitting garage rock. The Chicago-based band unleashed a 90-minute set whipped the crowd into a frenzy. It was one of the hardest rocking RecordBar crowds I’ve ever seen. Check out these blistering performances of “Fry” and “Let It Burn.”


McClain and Mario from the Orwells, 3/20/17

Dreamers Rock RecordBar

March 16, 2017

Dreamers at RecordBar, 3/14/17

Dreamers recently beasted RecordBar with a blazing set of indie rock vibes. It is always nice to see an indie rock power trio. It was drummer Jacob Wick’s birthday and the band was in party mode all night. The Griswolds drummer Lachlan West sat in “DRUGS” and “Sweet Disaster. ” Check out rocking version of “Never Too Late to Dance,” “DRUGS” and “Sweet Disaster.”

Lee Fields and the Expressions “Special Night” Live at the RecordBar

March 5, 2017

Lee Fields and the Expressions at the RecordBar, 3/3/17

Lee Fields and the Expressions recently smashed through a soulful set at a sold out RecordBar. It was one of the funkiest shows I’ve seen in months. Check out this burning live performance of “Special Night.”

The Enthralling Vibes of Magic City Hippies Hit RecordBar

February 22, 2017

Magic City Hippies at RecordBar, 2/17/17

Magic City Hippies brought their trippy, funk-filled indie rock vibes to the RecordBar. I covered the show for X1051. The band smashed the crowd with their unique fusion of sounds. Check out the entrancing vibes of Magic City Hippies.

Mike Doughty “Bus to Beelzebub” “How Many Cans?” and “So Far I Have Not Found the Science” Live at RecordBar

February 21, 2017

Mike Doughty at RecordBar, 2/14/17

Past interview subject Mike Doughty recently hit the RecordBar. Backed by Wheatus and his own band, Doughty crushed a set mixing new songs, older solo material and Soul Coughing classics. Mike Doughty is a poet and the way he uses words in his songs help make them enthralling. Doughty never plays the same set twice, so it’s always fun to see where they take the songs. I covered the show for X1051. Check out these blistering live performances of “Bus to Beelzebub,” “How Many Cans?” and “So Far I Have Not Found the Science.”


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