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Mike Doughty “Bus to Beelzebub” “How Many Cans?” and “So Far I Have Not Found the Science” Live at RecordBar

February 21, 2017

Mike Doughty at RecordBar, 2/14/17

Past interview subject Mike Doughty recently hit the RecordBar. Backed by Wheatus and his own band, Doughty crushed a set mixing new songs, older solo material and Soul Coughing classics. Mike Doughty is a poet and the way he uses words in his songs help make them enthralling. Doughty never plays the same set twice, so it’s always fun to see where they take the songs. I covered the show for X1051. Check out these blistering live performances of “Bus to Beelzebub,” “How Many Cans?” and “So Far I Have Not Found the Science.”


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