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December 6, 2016

Moody J (Photo via Calvin Hoeun

I wanted to launch a series of mini mixes and Moody J (aka Josh Coleman) was the clear first choice. He put on one of the best DJ sets I saw this summer. Moody J’s track selection, fusion of different styles of dance music and mixing are top quality. He is a member of the Kansas City-based collective Underground Frequencies. It’s a great honor to present Moody J’s “Beast It” mini mix.

Fixed On You – Hotel Garuda (Taiki Nulight Remix)

Mercury – Jack Beats

Open Your Mind – Volac

Codeine Dreams – BIJOU

Fire – Cazztek & Asdek 

Joe Dirty – Worthy

Finesse – Dillon Nathaniel & Toasty Ray

The Fray “How to Save a Life” Live at the Kansas City Live Block

December 4, 2016

The Fray at the Kansas City Live Block, 12/2/16

The Fray recently played a smooth set of tunes at the Kansas City Live Block. Check out the live video I shot of their classic song “How to Save a Life.”


Interview: Walker Lukens

December 2, 2016

Walker Lukens at the Riot Room, 11/30/16

Walker Lukens recently hit KC for a show presented by X1051 at the Riot Room. I sat down with Walker to discuss how he became interested in music, his approach to songwriting and the creation of “Lifted.”


McClain and Walker Lukens

Walker Lukens “Lifted” and “Never Understood” Live at the Riot Room

December 2, 2016

Walker Lukens at the Riot Room, 11/30/16

Walker Lukens and the Side Arms recently delivered a funky and soulful set of indie rock at the Riot Room for a neXtNOW show presented by X1051. Check out the live videos I shot of “Lifted” and “Never Understood.”

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