Yo Majesty: Futuristically Speaking.

Yo Majesty are a Tampa, Florida-based rap group. The trio mixes fluid, raunchy raps with catchy hooks and banging electro beats. Rapper Shon B recently wrote in to discuss their craziest moments onstage, her songwriting process, and the biggest misconceptions about Yo Majesty.

How did Yo Majesty first come together? 
I met Shundai n 2001 at a spot called the Habor Club where I used to perform n a group called Unpredictable. A bunch of studs who would get together n lip sing songs. But since I liked to rap I did a show rapping n after Shunda came up to me n introduced herself sayin she liked to rap too. N we hve known each other since.

What inspires you lyrically?
What inspires me lyrically is that when I hear a beat. Me n that beat become as 1, n I say what I feel. It just comes to me that way.

How does your songwriting process work?
Grab me sum Paul Masson thats my drink, a blunt, & my Newports n turn on the box n go for it all nite long til mornin most of the time.

What do you look for in quality beats?
I love Hip Hop wit out a doubt. Thats what Im so into. But Ive been introduced to so many different beats, sometimes it don’t matter as long as it sounds gud n Im feeling it.

What have been some of your craziest times onstage?
O man!! Lol!!! No disrespect to no one! But the first time we did our show in L. A. Jewel took off her Shirt That was 1 of the most craziest times n my book. N it has been a few more but since that was our first show I got to say Yea!!! That was crazy!

What’s been the strangest venue you’ve played?
When we went to SXSW again this was also a first time thing. So arrived n Austin at the airport a young lady has came to get us n this little car. We had a couple of days before we met up wit our producer for the SXSW, so we chillin wit the young lady n her friends at this old Frat House I think thats what they called it. Lol!! it was very very weird n they set up this homemade venue for us to perform for them. U just had to be there to see it! Even though it was the most strangest place & situation we made the best of it n had fun.

What albums do you find yourself listening to all the time? 
I don’t listen to albums just a variety of songs. Thats just something I do! I don’t know why!!

What are some of your hobbies outside of music?
My hobbies r t.v. or sleep, doin a lil exercise every now n then, & playin around wit my girl, hangin out wit her. She’s my world!!! Yep Yep!!

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome in your career?
1 of the Most things I’ve had to overcome n I still sometimes find myself still overcomin is nt lettin people silly ways, negative vibes get the best of me. Because thats what hurt me the last time n caused me to quit. I feel alot of people got the wrong impression of me when I left Yo Majesty the first time. Things were said about me that was’nt true at all, being lied on is nt a gud feelin. Im finna show the world Im here n ready. See Me!! Now That Im back I know this time it will be Righteous all the way!!! N I’m nt goin to quit I don’t care what they say or try to do!! Im protected by a higher power!! No worries!!! Duuuhhh!!! Shon B. & Shunda K. of Yo Majesty is Reunited n It Is What It Is! Let’s Go! We da Best!! All day, everyday!

What do you feel are the biggest misconceptions about Yo Majesty? 
We r not no Hood Rats! We take doin this fa the love of music & Hip Hop seriously!! We don’t like to fight n cause a scene. We wonna be heard n show that we have talent, we r smart, civilized adults, n don’t wanna be taken fa granted like we have n the past. We r nt wild n rude. We don’t like nor do we look for trouble n any fashion. We wonna be Respected at all times!! We, nor I personally should not have to have our career jeperdized if we dont go along wit something that we don’t feel is right!! We do thangs our way for a reason, so know that this is not a game at all! I enjoy what I love. This is all I see myself doin! So just keep us happy n everything else will speak for itself ! Ya feel me!!!

For more info on Yo Majesty, check out http://www.yomajesty.com/

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