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Best Dance Moves of 2015: Samuel T. Herring of Future Islands.

January 3, 2016

Samuel T. Herring, of Future Islands (Image via Flood Magazine)

Samuel T. Herring, of Future Islands, displayed some of the best dance moves I caught in 2015. It may seem overblown at times, but he really leaves it all out on the stage.

Future Islands set was one of the “whitest” performances I saw all year. Everything good and frustrating about that idea was on display during their set at the Pitchfork Music Festival. At times, the music seemed cold, distant and sterile. At other points during the set, it was invigorating and life affirming. It was a strange mix of highs and lows, sometimes within the same song.

Through it all, Herring’s dance moves kept lighting up the crowd. He dances like a man without fear. He doesn’t give a damn about looking cool and gets lost in his music. It’s a beautiful thing. Herring’s moves are a a gloriously funky, freaked out extension of himself. Keep on grooving!

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