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Madeon Brings the Future of French Touch to Kansas City.

February 1, 2016

Madeon at the Midland.

French DJ/producer Madeon smashed Kansas City hard on Saturday night with an hour and 20 minutes of diverse French dance music. He brought the Pixel Empire tour to the Midland, which showcased his skills and a stunning visual production. The 21 year-old gave the partying Midland crowd exactly what they wanted.

A lot of DJs get criticized for not playing anything live, but Madeon put the work in and beasted it live. Using track pads, he would trigger beats and samples in real time. His mixing was flawless and on point all night. His tunes drew from a wide range, from dubstep to classic French touch. Regardless of the style, his use of filters and phasing was very French. It was a beautiful thing.


Madeon at the Midland.

A few of the tracks fell into a category I call “beach music.” It’s the music you hear when you’re chilling on the beach in France, eating a French doughnut. It’s the sound you hear when you’re clubbing next to the sea. The songs are the perfect mix of the cheesy and the sublime. Dance anthems become popular in France every summer. Madeon dropped his remix of Martin Solveig’s “The Night Out” on Saturday in KC, it’s a quality example of beach music. He also played Daft Punk’s 1997 classic “Around the World.” Moments like these lit the crowd up.


Madeon at the Midland.

It was a glorious night of tunes and joyous energy. By paying homage to the past and pushing his sound forward, Madeon proves that the future of French dance music is looking bright.

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