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Tips for a First Time Concert-Goer.

June 1, 2016

Florence + the Machine Crowd 5/24/16

You wanna get out and see some live music, huh? You want to throw down, rock out and taste the sweet sonic nectar that is a concert? I’ve gone to a least 400 shows over the years, so here are a few tips:
Expect the unexpected. Crowds, song choices, weather, and venues can all impact shows. However, just come with an open mind and lay the hammer down!
Be ready to wait. Sometimes, shows start right on time. However, be ready to wait it out. The rock can be worth the wait.
If you like the song, get down! The indie stereotype of staring at your feet and looking unimpressed is overrated. Throw down, baby!!
Earplugs, you might want them. Shows are often mixed really loudly. Earplugs can be helpful, because they don’t drown out the sound around you too much
Show up early for the opening acts. Your next favorite band could be the first act on tonight.
There will be an encore (usually). Will the band come back onstage? Don’t be fooled, they’ll be back.
Hearing a great song live is a joyous experience. It can get crowds lit up! It’s wonderful to see people come together, united by their love of music. Concerts can uplift your soul.
Get out there, rock out and have a good time! Beast it hardcore!


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