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Just a Reminder to Learn About the History of Music You Love.

February 17, 2016

Just a friendly reminder to look into the history of music you enjoy. Awhile ago at work, I heard Donovan’s “There Is A Mountain” played as part of the Muzak. I had realized that I had never actually heard the song before, but I knew of it from the Allman Brothers Band classic “Mountain Jam.” The melody for “Mountain Jam” uses a portion of the Donovan song as a springboard into jamming euphoria.

It is always interesting to see what inspires your favorite music. The Allmans took a little section of a lovely song and took it out into new territory. There is something so wonderful and creative about the idea of pushing a song beyond. Learning about what influences your favorite bands and artists helps to make your life more musically diverse. The journey of sonic discovery literally never stops. Looking into the history of the music you enjoy will enhance your life.

Derek Trucks Interview Featured in Gambit Weekly.

April 23, 2015

My interview with guitarist Derek Trucks from the Tedeschi Trucks Band/Allman Brothers Band was featured in Gambit Weekly’s Jazz Fest 2015 coverage. Read the interview here.

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