Review: Thievery Corporation.

Thievery Corporation delivered a two-hor set at the Midland October 10th. Live, the DC-based duo’s music is fleshed out by a full band and vocalists. The small crowd of around 500 people was in dance party mode all night. The band easily mixed musical styles, including reggae, Afrobeat, Indian music and electronica.

Hit “Lebanese Blonde” came early in the show. The majority of songs combined samples and live instrumentation. It was the perfect combination of  live sitar with angelic vocals and chilled beats. The two drummers, bassist and guitarist helped give the music a more full-bodied sound.

Many of the songs served as features for guest vocalists and MCs. Mr. Lif’s energetic, complex rapping on “Culture of Fear” showcased his deft wordplay over hard-hitting beats. Ras Puma and Sleepy Wonder brought reggae toasting to “The Richest Man in Babylon,” “Radio Retaliation” and “Overstand.” French chanteuse LouLou’s breezy singing on “La Femme Parallel” was also a highlight.

Thievery Corporation proved that they can mix the sounds of the world with ease and make music that is lively, modern, vital and entrancing.

“Web of Deception,”
“Lebanese Blonde,”
“Sol Tapado,”
“Take My Soul,”
“Liberation Front,”
“Culture of Fear,”
“Radio Retaliation,”
“All That We Perceive,”
“La Femme Parallel,”
“The Heart’s a Lonely Hunter,”
“Unified Tribes,”
“Assault on Babylon,”
“Warning Shots.”
“Sweet Tides,”
“The Richest Man in Babylon,”
“Coming from the Top.”

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