Pursuit Grooves: Head-Nodding Future Funk.

Pursuit Grooves is a New York-based producer, remixer and DJ. Her futuristic beats, grooving with funk, showcase a unique style that is all her own. Pursuit Grooves recently wrote in to discuss her production methods and the evolution of her sound.

Do you follow a certain method when producing tracks?
I usually start with building the drums or some sort of percussion rhythm. That will set the mood or vibe for the piece. What do you use to create beats? Mostly by SP-505 sampler, various synths and Garage Band for organizing. I keep it very simple and try to master what I have. I make it work for me.

You have released 4 albums. How have your productions evolved since your earliest tracks?
Of late the tracks have been more uptempo. But I will probably switch it up again at some point. I can never predict what feeling I’m having and how that will affect my production. I could say technically I’ve gotten better but there are little things I would do before that I can’t recreate now. Its a give and take I guess.

You have a very unique vocal style. Do you record your vocals live and then re-edit them?
Pretty much. I’m more comfortable as an MC, but I feel like i can be more creative as a vocalist.

What role do you feel that vocals play in your sound? 
It’s like another instrument. It just adds to and helps define the adventure.

Do you follow a different approach when creating remixes?
The same pretty much.

What artists would you love to remix?
I’m pretty open I think. I’d just like to bring out the best in the artists, using my style of course.

Did you start off DJing or producing tracks first?
I started producing in high school and then DJing in college.

You’ve performed all over the world. What have been some of your favorite gigs to play?
I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to visit places I could only dream of. People have been amazing everywhere. Though my favorite place so far was a smaller city in Japan called Kanazawa. Most festivals are awesome. Just to be outdoors adds a different experience.

What’s been your craziest moment onstage?
Haven’t had any yet really… I like when things go as planned!!! or smoothly rather. What’s the strangest venue you’ve played? Well i’m about to play a festival in October that’s in a cave in Austria. I think that takes the cake!

Who are some of your favorite producers?
I grew up enjoying Teddy Riley and early Timbaland. Hip Hop producers with an electronic groove sensibility.

What advice would you give to producers and DJs just starting out?
Always do it for the love and the passion. You don’t have to follow what anyone else is doing musically. Making your own path will get you further in the long run!

For more information on Pursuit Grooves, check out http://www.myspace.com/vjsmith

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