Four Questions with
Liz Phair

Singer/songwriter Liz Phair rose to stardom after the release of her 1993 album Exile in Guyville. She is one of the most well-known and successful songwriters of the last ten years. Her latest release, Liz Phair, has sold over 300,000 copies. In the following interview, Liz discusses her songwriting process, her most personal song and the pain of singing on live TV.

What’s been your most embarrassing moment?
At the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony this year, NBC started the track too early for me to hear when the verse came in so I had to stop singing and just sit there, through the whole verse, on LIVE TV, until the next verse came up. I think Howard Stern made fun of me the next day, too.

You write many deep and revealing songs. What do you feel is your most personal song?

Right now, “Little Digger” is the most personal because it describes my divorce from my son’s perspective, and I can’t imagine anything closer to my heart than my son’s feelings.

Do you have a process to your songwriting?
Generally, I write words and music at the same time. But, lately, I have been experimenting with collaborating, writing poems and putting them in music, etc. Anything to break up the monotony of my own mind.
PS – When I’m writing, I always have to feel like I am by myself and no one could walk in on me, or hear what I am doing.

What’s the hardest part about being Liz Phair?

It ain’t hard, baby.

Liz Phair is out now on Capitol Records.

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