ace to Face:
Julie Cox

Julie Cox is a face reader with over 10 years of experience. She has written a book entitledBeginning Face Reading, which helps to provide a good introduction into the world of face reading. Julie discusses the easiest face to read, her favorite facial feature and the origins of face reading

How did you create your method of face reading?

There are two main influences in face reading.  The Eastern influence comes from the Chinese who developed a system of face reading to identify health issues.  The Western influence to face reading comes from Greek Scholars, Aristotle, Socrates, who developed a system of face reading to identify the personality of an individual.  I combined the two systems to create the type of face reading I use today.

When did you first become interesting in face reading?

I was studying criminal psychology in Colorado when I first learned about physiognomy.  Physiognomy is the scientific term for face reading. I was amazed at how accurate it was in identifying the true personality of another person and I wanted to know more.

Have you always been observant of people’s features?

Yes, I have always been a student of people and their behavior. Before I learned to read faces, however, I did not spend a lot of time looking at features. When I first started to look at faces, it was hard because I felt like I was staring at people. Now, I just stare and I don’t give it a second thought.

Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, do you feel it has an impact on one’s facial reading?

Yes, I believe in reincarnation. It does not have an impact on a face reading. What is on the face is about who you are right now, in this moment. Face reading identifies your strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, learning style, ability to communicate, how you act, learn and listen.

What are facial traits should one look for in friends/compatible people?

Every face is like a snowflake. Each is beautiful with it’s individual features and characteristics.  Every feature on the face identifies a part of your personality and what is compatible to you, may not be compatible to me.  There isn’t a set of features that are more compatible over another.  It’s an individual preference.

Are certain faces easier to read?

Yes, children’s faces are easier to read. They haven’t had a lot of experiences so their readings are shorter.

Do you have a favorite feature of the face to read?

Yes, I like the eyebrows. The eyebrows reveal the thought process of a person. They are easy to see and identify and they are the first feature that I teach others to read in my face reading classes.  Eyebrow position, shapes, direction of hairs and size are all part of the reading.

Do you feel that one’s face and attitude are related?

You can change your face by changing your attitude, so yes.  If you look in the mirror every morning you know that your face does not stay the same, it changes every day.  Those changes are a result of what is going on in your life and your reactions to those situations.  Your face reveals so much about what is going on inside of you.  As you change your thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, so does your face.

Have you done any celebrity face readings?

Yes I have done many.  None in person.

Can one use face reading to minimize stress?

Yes, face reading gives you a better understanding of why you are creating stressful situations or how you can better rely on your strengths rather than you weaknesses.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to become involved in face reading?

If you want to learn more about face reading, I suggest you get a copy of my book, Beginning Face Reading, or another book on the subject and start by learning just one or two features.  For every feature on the face, there is a definition.  Each shape and size and location of a feature has meaning.  You can learn to read faces, but learning the definitions.  Face reading is simply memorizing in the beginning.  Start with eyebrows or nose – something that is easy to identify on everyone you see.

For more on Julie Cox and face reading, please check outhttp://www.facereadingacademy.com/

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