Hannah Garrison: Wear Your Music

Hannah Garrison is the co-founder of Wear Your Music. Wear Your Music creates custom-made cracelets out of used guitar strings donated by a wide range of artists. Artists that have donated strings include Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Gregg Allman, and more. All of the proceeds from the bracelets are donated to a charity of the artist’s choosing. Hannah wrote in to discuss how Wear Your Music got started, how the bracelets are created, and their plans for expansion.

How did the idea for Wear Your Music come together? 
In all honesty, I had just come back to the US from living in Mexico and working for a designer down there. I had a cousin living with me and was trolling Craigslist daily so he could find an apartment. I came across someone asking to do things with guitar strings. I wrote back that I’d been making bracelets for some time. We met. We bonded. We brainstormed. Now we’re partners!

Who was the first artist/band that donated guitar strings for the project? 
Keller WIlliams was the first. My partner was, at the time, the publisher of Relix Magazine. So, he got a bunch of artists on board. The beginning was scary, we didn’t know how people would react!

Do you reach out to artists to have them donate strings or do they come to you? 
At this point, both. We reach out to artists all the time (especially, after we get tons of fan requests for their strings). Sometimes it is harder than you’d expect. I mean, all we want is their trash!

What artist/band were you most surprised to have joined the project? 
Some people have come to us in strange ways. Take Bonnie Raitt–my husband’s great aunt is dating her stepfather. Totally random, totally perfect. We are always thrilled to get the bigger artists, but I really like getting the up-and-comers, then we really get to foster a relationship with them and watch them grow!

Do the artists choose their own charity for the project? 
Yes! This is the best part! Every artist gets to pick their own charity!!

What’s your method for creating the bracelets? 
It involves pain and suffering. Really. Guitar strings are brutal to work with (as most guitarists can tell you!) It also involves fine silver, and a torch.

What new artist bracelets are you planning on releasing? 
I can’t tell you!!! We have some really cool people on the horizon, seriously, stay tuned. Facebook us!

What future plans do you have for expanding Wear Your Music? 
So many. We are seriously expanding our line of music-themed jewelry (cool, not dorky). Also, we are getting down and dirty in the merch industry. Actually designing merch for bands to take on tour with them!!

For more info on Wear Your Music, please check out their websitewww.wearyourmusic.org/

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