DJ Hyper Interview

One of Breaks’ Best

Hyper is one of the best breaks DJs in the world today. He has established himself as one of the major breaks DJs to come out of the UK scene. Hyper’s latest release is “Wired,” a double CD mix album, out now on Thrive Records. He recently wrote in to discuss playing America, breaks and wine.

How did you come up with the name Hyper?

Used to work for a promo company called Hyperactive and I have been known to jump around a bit behind the decks.

What direction do you feel that breaks is headed in?

One which takes the sound forward musically and globally I hope.

How would you describe your sound?


What artists first got you interested in breaks?

Semi Detached, Dave Tipper.

Do you remember your first gig?

Not really. It was probably playing Trip Hop style stuff in the Midlands and although I’d played a few free parties outdoors before that!

Do you prefer mixing by CD or vinyl?

Makes no odds to me.  Many people get daunted about using the CDJ’s.

I don’t understand why!  It takes a matter of minutes to pick it up!

You’re featured on Annie Nightingale’s show a lot. What was your first time being on the BBC like?

My first live appearance on Fergie’s show was a bit daunting but nothing like as bad as doing Annie’s show from the top of Telecom Tower in London. That was bizarre to say the least at 4AM.

What was the craziest night you had on tour with The Crystal Method?

No comment

What do you like best about touring in America?

The people, how cheap things are, the crowds and sometimes even the solitude!

How do you respond to critics who say that the English club scene is declining?

They were right at one point, but it looks like it’s back!!

Do you have a favorite club?

Spundae in LA.

Do you have a favorite remix that you’ve done?

BT ‘Kimosabe’

How long did it take you to mix “Wired”?

2 days

Do you have a favorite track off of “Wired”?


What artist[s] would you love to remix?

The Prodigy

Do you remember the first breaks record you bought?

Phattys Lunchbox’ by Mekon would probably go down as what I would call an out and out Brekbeat record but Hip Hop and Mo Wax stuff way before that too!

Do you have any musical guilty pleasures?

Punk rock!

Do you have any hidden talents?


How’s your artist album coming along?

Slowly but surely.  I’m about half way through it and have been working a lot with Leeroy Thornhill doing vocals for us.  I’m very excited about it, it’s going to be something different!

What are your hobbies outside of DJing?

Reading, Cricket, Eating out and Theatre.  Chilling at home with a glass of wine is my absolute favorite way to chill out though!

What new projects are you working on?

My house, my marriage and getting the album finished.  I have stopped doing remixes until it is ready so look out!  I am also still running my Kilowatt label and a load of good stuff is lined up for that.  I also have a new single due out soon on Timo Maas’ label (4:20) called ‘Come With Me’.

What advice do you have for those wanting to become DJs?

Don’t give up and work hard!

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