DJ Alfredo Interview

DJ Alfredo: Dance Music Legend.

DJ Alfredo is a dance music legend. He is known for his epic sets at the Ibiza club Amnesia. His sets influenced Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling and Nicky Holloway to help create the modern UK club scene. DJ Alfredo recently wrote in to discuss the start of the Ibiza club scene, his longest set and what he looks for in a great tune.

What first got you interested in dance music?
I started interested in music very young, as most of the people, but in generally it was rock and reggae as much as Latin American music. If you don`t know, I`m originally from Argentina, Dance music got into my soul in Ibiza when I arived in 1976, and go to me trough dancing at the few clubs that exist at the times. Could not believe I would be involved in something that was completely opposite in musical terms to my previous taste. It was a great thing that happen to me ‘cos open my mind and my soul to share feelings much more than before.

How did you get the DJ name DJ Alfredo? 
It was my name and at the time everybody use his own name as and artist, never thought much about it as I just wanted to play music!

Who were some of your favorite DJs growing up?
My favorite Dj, I starting at the age of 28 years, and got behind quite a eclectic taste and there was a French guy playing in Ibiza a kind of music that influence a lot my music, Jean Claude. I am sorry I don`t remember his family name, but he used to come to play in Ibiza from Brussels, where he plays in a legendary club called Mirano. You have to realize that we are talking of 1974, and the island was quite isolated and I had no clue about what would happen out of the island. Later on, I can think of Joe Smooth, Danny Tenaglia (the first I saw making a session with only 2 cd`s!!).

What advice would you have for DJs just starting out?
To enjoy much as possible, create his own sound and never belive the hype!!! Fame comes and goes so easly!!!!

Do you remember your first time DJing?
Of course, it was in a bar called Be Bop at the Ibiza harbour in 1982 and I was supposed to be a barman there. It happened that there were 2 turntables and a mixer and to play a record after another one it was like magic to me!!!! I only dreamed about it!

What are some of your favorite tunes to end sets with and why?
At the moment, I`m playing in Space a set that its place just before the last one, but in general I prefer to end my set with a classic house tune. For example, the last one I finished with Moby “Go,” to give a character to my work and leave place to the DJ that follow me. Before I would play a tune that has nothing to do with the set, such as jazz, or soul or even classical, The Pink Panther theme, but in general giving a smile and a touch of unexpected happiness and surprise to the crowd.

What qualities do you look for in a great tune?
The sound has to be good and compact as technology goes, a character, a singularity, something that shows a difference from the millions of tunes we can get in the internet, a sense of joy, and if it is posible, some great lyrics.

When did you first come to Ibiza?
September 1976

What do you love most about Ibiza?
Its freedom, hospitality, cosmopolitism, the nature, the weather, the houses, the simplicity of Ibicencos, the sea, the people, its attitude, so many things!!!!!

What are some of your favorite clubs to play?
At the moment the Sunset Terrace at Space, and different places at the beach, Usuhaia, Sa trincha in Salinas where I would love to do it, Sunset Asharam at Cala conta, if you ask me about Ibiza. Around the world, Japan, Brazil, and a lot of spots more. I’ve been playing more than 25 ears, to give you a name would be not fair for the lot I would not be able to remember or name.

How did you first start DJing at Amnesia?
In a party in 1983, but they never like it, and I start my residency of 6 years the year after.

What have been some of the craziest moments you’ve seen from the DJ booth? 
More than 700 people, or even more dancing in the rain and with 50 cm of water under their feet at 7 in the morning!!!!

Do you follow a certain structure when creating DJ sets? 
I don`t prepare the structure, I choose my tunes and then I look at the crowd and the flow of the session. Used to go up and down, but times change and actually to change the pace, bpm its a very difficult thing to do! Too much euphoria.

What’s been your longest set?
12 hs or more at Amnesia at the openings and closing parties.

Do you remember the first time you met Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling?
Yes. Paul came to introduce himself to me during one of my sets at Amnesia in 1986 or 1987, and Danny was dancing all night long. About that time, I think he decided to become a DJ there!

How has the Ibiza scene changed over the years?
A lot in every sense!!!! It’s completely different , but I`m sure for people that came for the first times get the same impact got for me more than 30 years ago. More money involved, technology, glamour, fame, hype. Up to you: you like it or not!

What do you miss most about the early days of the Ibiza club scene?
The fact that we all know each other, and the end of the nights and the breakfast and after the beach. These days its a non-stop music place, there was not house music at the beach! But now the people like it like this, and by the way we are living different moments in life and the world also change it.

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