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Ice Cold: DJ Icey

DJ Icey is considered to be America’s “King of Breaks.” His latest release is the mix CD “For The Love of The Beat,” out now on System Recordings. Icey took some time out of his massive touring schedule to discuses his name, his dancing ability and the commercialization of dance music.

What made you pick the moniker DJ Icey?
When I got my first apartment I lived with 3 other guys and we lived in FL. At Night I would turn the air conditioning down to like 55 degrees and freeze out the apartment cause I had a big fat down comforter that I wanted to sleep under, so they started calling me Icey.

Do you work with your vocalists or do you work separately?
The vocalists that have appeared on my tunes all have come in and cut their vocals in the vocal booth at my studio. I have only worked with a handful of vocalists and continue to work with Marlon who appears on my brand new mix CD ‘For the Love of the Beat’ which was released on April 20th. It is a mix CD that includes several original productions of mine as well as many tunes that I added additional production on. The mix is loaded with vocals from artists like Weekend Players, The Crystal Method, Shakedown, etc…

Do you have a favorite track off of ‘For The Love of The Beat’?
On my new CD my favorite tune is probably the Aquasky vs Masterblaster “Shadow Breaks” tune. It has a breakdown that is a throwback to the mid 90s and a wicked bassline with a nice vocoder break bit.

You played in Kansas City last year, how would you rate our crowd?
The venue was cool and the vibe was great and the people were nice. I had some good bar-b-q too.

Just curious, are you a good dancer?
I am always shaking my ass behind the decks. I don’t consider myself a good dancer though, just very average.

Do you have any musical guilty pleasures?
I listen to all types of music, from bands like Taking Back Sunday to Tahiti80 to Bad Brains to Junior Jack. I love music and have a very broad range of music that I enjoy listening to.

What is the biggest misconception about breaks?
I don’t care about this and that, I go out to DJ and to have people dance on the dancefloor, have a good time, feel the vibe with the crowd as one. You have to let the music do the talking instead of words.

What producers/DJs have influenced you?
Afrika Bambaataa, Rennie Pilgrem, Kraftwerk, etc. Really too many to mention, I am a musical sponge.

What was your reaction when you were approached about doing an Essential Mix CD?
I was very happy and thrilled and to date it is my best selling CD in the US, having sold over 100,000 units.

Are there any acts that you feel are ruining music?
No I don’t. Why should I or anyone else judge someone else’s music? Music is for the ear of the beholder and one person’s tastes are no better than another. Whatever floats your boat.

How do you respond to critics who say that dance music has become too commercialized?
Dance music for the most part is instrumental music, and instrumental music can only go so far in the corporate control of the US radio. It is just not that accessible to the majority of people and that is fine.

For The Love of The Beat is out now on System. For more information on Icey, please check out his website:

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