Excision’s the Paradox Tour Brings the Bass and Joy to Kansas City.


Excision in Kansas City, 3/25/16

Canadian bass music DJ and producer Excision brought the Paradox Tour to Kansas City on March 25th. He sold out the 3,000 capacity Midland Theatre. There was no chill. I am not a big dubstep/bass nerd, but the energy and passion for electronic music showcased on the Paradox Tour couldn’t be denied. It was a joyous night of stunning visual production, quality mixing and 150,000 watts of bass mayhem

Bear Grillz got the show rolling with a diverse mix of tunes. He smashed through a set while wearing a bear costume. So much (literal) beasting. Damn y’all, Snuggle goes hard!


Bear Grillz in Kansas City, 3/25/16

Bear Grillz was followed back-to-back by Figure. The Indiana-based DJ really got the crowd moving with his hard-edged version of EDM.


Figure in Kansas City, 2/25/16

Excision hit the crowd hard with his heavy take on bass music. His hour and 30 minute headlining set proved why he is one of the best mixers in today’s dance scene. The production really helped to create a fully immersive show. Excision played a lot of the tracks from his excellent Shambhala 2015 mix. The balcony was bouncing with joy to his vicious tunes.


Excision in Kansas City, 3/25/16

I’ve been a fan of electronic music for a long time. It’s wonderful to see people getting down, having a good time and raving hard. When it comes down to it, quality dance music is all the joy it brings you. The Paradox Tour filled the Midland with a glorious evening of bass music.

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One Response to “Excision’s the Paradox Tour Brings the Bass and Joy to Kansas City.”

  1. dubcisionx Says:

    I love Excision more than I love anything in the world~ Excision deeply means everything to me~ Deep in my heart are feelings I could never share cause no one would understand how deep My passion for Excision is~ no one will ever know~ Excision’s powerful immortal music is like a cure to me when I need it most~ I may not have any Excision merch or went to any of his shows yet since I’m only 15 but I try my hardest to dedicate and show my love, appreciation, passion, care, respect and dedication for Excision every single day of my life~ I even made my own little blog on WordPress based on my true Passion and love for Excision~ Excision’s music is what is pushing me through life, my motivation, and the cure when I need it most when I’m mad sad depressed lonely or just a grey day. I feel the chills of joy when listening to Excision and it makes it difficult to really chose a fave track~ that’s why I ain’t saying any track names cause ALLL of his music makes me feel this way. I never loved something so much like this before~ Jeff Abel (Excision) is such an amazing person and I wish to someday meet him~ I fell eXtremely hard In love with him and I can’t ever seem to get him off my mind and it drives me crazy in a good way~ I can’t say no more, words can not describe how deep my passion for Excision is~ I infinitely Love Excision with all my heart. My life wouldn’t of been so great if it weren’t for Excision~ his music really healed me from the scars and pain from my past childhood~ No matter what I go through in life, Excision will always light me up so I glow forever, and always have a smile only face as his music forever touches my soul so my heart won’t ever break, so I’ll not ever feel alone, while each star in my sky is forever shining, Excision is forever in my heart~ I won’t ever give up in life because Excision is my motivation forever~

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