Joy is the Reason We Are Here.

“Serious as life can be, at our deepest level, joy is the reason we are here.” -Deepak Chopra.

I was doing a meditation recently and this Deepak Chopra quote really hit me hard. Joy is the reason why we are here. It almost doesn’t matter what hardships you have gone through in life, life is all about how you respond to challenges.

It can seem difficult, but the choice to live a joyful life can help improve your well-being. Being joyful can open your heart up to even more joy. It’s the cyclic nature of joy. The act of looking for joy can often help you find it in unexpected places. It can help open you up to the oneness of the universe. Choosing to be joyful can create more joy in the world. When it comes down to it, despite life’s trials and tribulations, joy is what life is all about.

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