The Mindset of a Fighter.



Invicta FC is a female MMA fighting league based in Kansas City. They feature fighters from all over the world (America, Brazil, Japan).

I’ve been fortunate to meet several of the fighters and coaches over the years. It is always interesting to get a peek into their mindset. I asked a coach once about why the quality of fighting in Brazil is so high level. “It’s like the way Americans are about football. Fighting is part of our culture,” he stated.

One of the fighters seemed chill and laid back. We got to talking about how she approaches being in the zone, “It’s like a switch, you turn it on and off.” The disconnect between those those two worlds helps her be successful. Lay the hammer down, clock out and be in the chill state of mind.

It’s always fascinating to see other people’s viewpoints, to learn what keeps them pushing forward. The fact that some people view fighting as part of their culture, keeps them moving ahead to become a better athlete. Figuring out how to distance herself from the fury of fighting on her time off helped to make a fighter better. Their mindsets and focus are inspiring.


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