McClain Approved: Larry Keel “Ripchord.”


Larry Keel (image via

McClain Approved is a new column where I give you the rundown on an artist you need to know and share a track from them.

Larry Keel is an accomplished guitarist and flatpicking champion. The Virgina-based guitarist is one of my past interview subjects. Larry Keel is a master of progressive bluegrass, but also incorporates many other styles into his sound. His music is filled with so much joy and passion.

Keel’s 15th solo album, Experienced, will be released on February 26th, 2016. A highlight of the album is the dazzling instrumental work of “Ripchord.” The track features mandolin player Sam Bush and was composed by banjo player Will Lee. “Ripchord” really showcases the band’s interplay and is a lively, uptempo song. So much beasting and energy in this tune. 100% McClain approved.

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