JR JR: A Hairy Situation.


JR JR (Photo credit Jeaneen Lund).

JR JR hit the Midland crowd hard on Friday night with electronica-tinged indie pop. The Michigan-based group brought the fun, the energy and beasted it so hard live. However, one thing about the show made it a very hairy situation. The keyboardist/vocalist’s haircut was one of the strangest I have ever seen at a show.


JR JR at the Midland, 2/12/16

The coif was intense for sure. It looked like a hip version of Foghorn Leghorn. “I SAY, I SAY, I SAY MY JEANS ARE WAY TOO SKINNY!!!” It looked like it was in 4 dimensions.


Foghorn Leghorn (Image via looneytunes.wikia.com)

“Why doesn’t he just pull it back?!?! JUST PULL IT BACK!” my friend cried out in distress. I heard that the hairstyle will be voting in the next election. I almost expected the haircut to pull out a tiny drum kit and play a solo. I would like to note that I am no style critic. I’m probably just jealous because I look like Casper the Friendly Ghost and Harry Potter had an unholy love child that overdosed on recreational bath salts. It freaks me out now, but in five years everyone will probably have hair like this. JR JR indie pop smashes it. You can wear your hair however you want, just be sure to crush it live.

Here’s a snippet of JR JR’s Kansas City set


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