I Have Heard Men at Work’s “Down Under” Over 163 Times in the Past Three Days.


Men at Work (image via dailymail.co.uk)

The satellite radio station at work has been glitching out and looping the same songs for three days straight. Every seven songs, it has been plays Men at Work’s 1981 classic “Down Under.”

The first time you hear it in a long time, you’re like, “Oh hell yeah!! Men at Work kicks ass! This is one of the best songs ever written!” However, I have heard the song over 163times in the past three days. It might be a little bit of an overkill. Being a man at work forced to listen to this Men at Work song against your will can be rough. I think this must be how purgatory feels. You are forced to listen to a song you love over and over and over again. It is a strange form of torture. There have to be some laws in the Geneva Conventions about this.

Colin Hay is a beast of a songwriter and an artist. He’s written so many quality jams with Men at Work and as a solo artist over the years. “It’s a Mistake” is good as heck. The sax laced groove of “Who Can It Be Now?” is still awesome. The folk vibes of “I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You” was one of the highlights of the Garden State soundtrack.

However, I currently still have “Down Under” still stuck in my head. CAN’T YOU HEAR, CAN’T YOU HEAR THE THUNDER?!? YOU BETTER RUN!!! YOU BETTER TAKE COVER!!!!!!

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